Montage BioGraphics did a beautiful job designing a memory book of my deceased brother.  She helped me choose just the right photos and nudged my  memories of my brother regarding the photos.  She made a disk for me and two books, which I gave to his children for Christmas presents.  My whole family was very touched.

Julie Kirby
Portland, Oregon
Any time we want  to relive our once-in-a-lifetime sailing adventure in the Virgin Islands, all we have to do is open our full-color book detailing each fantastic day!

Mike & Susan O'Connell
Medford, Oregon
I want to tell you how much we love our memory book!  We have travelled all around the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  While we're away, it's comforting to have all our family photos along in one book, and it will make a lovely gift to pass on to our children and grandchildren.  I also plan to have another memory book made.  Thanks again!

Karen and Jack McCormick
Grants Pass, Oregon
Committing your life to memory
We are all vital links in the chain of human history.
Our memories connect the future with the past.
I am writing this letter in appreciation and gratitude for Terri Potts writing my life's journey. She has done such a terrific job, far beyond my expectations! It made my life story so real, it was like living it all over again! I cried and I laughed. I'm always thankful that she considered my story worth writing. Your thankful new friend,

Gerda McMillan
Vancouver, Washington