• Our process begins with a complimentary two-hour consultation, during which we'll discuss the scope of your project and agree upon a price.

  • We begin by helping you select and organize any photographs and memorabilia you would like to include in your project, as well as others you simply wish to have digitally preserved. Some photos may require restoration.  Minor restoration is included, at no charge. The charge for major restorations will be quoted for your approval.

  • In a separate session, we will get together to review your photos and memorabilia for identification purposes, as well as to stimulate and record your memories.

  • During the next phase, we will gather the material for the written part of your project, usually through personal interviews. This step may require multiple appointments, as it is generally most comfortable to limit each session to two hours.

  • You may wish to have other people interviewed for their perspectives, and you may choose to have current photographs taken of people, places or items of significance.
Photo scanning
Photo Restoration
Graphic Design
Book Layout
  • When all the information has been gathered, a typed manuscript will be prepared and submitted to you for your approval. You may decide you would like to write some, or all, of the verbiage, or you may have others contribute as much as you choose.

  • Once the final manuscript has been approved, the design phase will begin. You will choose from a variety of book formats, deciding on the size of your book, whether it will be hard-bound or soft-bound, what type of cover you would like and whether you want it printed in color or black and white. The options are many. We do not limit you to a restricted menu, but we will offer ideas and advice.

  • When those decisions have been made, your story and images will be integrated with graphic design elements to create professional page layouts. Upon completion, a proof copy will be printed for your review and approval.

  • In addition to the printed version, you will receive a copy of your complete project on an Archival Gold DVD, including all of your images, now digitally preserved.

  • All you need to do to get started is . . .
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Committing your life to memory
We are all vital links in the chain of human history.
Our memories connect the future with the past.
We are all vital links in the chain of human history.
Our memories connect the future with the past.