Montage BioGraphics was conceived many years ago, but it wasn't until 2011, after I'd returned to the "real" world from three years of sailing in southern climes, that a friend of mine convinced me to give it form.

Far different from my previous occupation, working in various aspects of the insurance industry, this new endeavor allows my creative nature to thrive! I've discovered the perfect venue for my talents as a writer, graphic artist and people person.

I love working with clients to draw out their stories, combining their words with pictures and design elements to create high-quality publications they're proud to share with family and friends.

So much of history comes to us from  journals and letters that were written by our forefathers and mothers. As the way we communicate changes, opportunities to preserve the richness of history are changing, too. It is important that we make a conscious effort to capture our thoughts and express our unique perspectives of the world around us, so that those insights will be available to future generations.
Terri Potts
A work of art, made up of several elements
A biography or biographical sketch
Relating to the artistic use of pictures, shapes and words
Montage BioGraphics is a one-woman operation. When you hire "us" for a project, my face is the one you will see.
Committing your life to memory
We are all vital links in the chain of human history.
Our memories connect the future with the past.